Overwintering Hybid Tea and Floribunda Roses

Overwintering Hybid Tea and Floribunda Roses

Over wintering Technique for Roses

Plant your rose in full sun near your sitting areas so you can enjoy the

fragrance all summer long.

Water and fertilize to enjoy further.

Remove flower heads when finished blooming. This will keep your rose blooming

all summer long.

Make your roses ready for winter: In mid August stop all fertilizer. Quit

watering your rose. Do not prune in late summer.

October 15th at this time, water your roses for the winter.

Remove all dead leaves. Clean up and remove any rose leaves on the


Cut your rose to 6 inches tall. Mound soil over the rose.

Take a 5 gallon pail and drill 3, ¼ inch holes in the bottom.

Fill pail with leaves or peat moss and turn pail upside down over the roses.

Leave pail on the roses until night time temperature is plus 10.

Approximately May long weekend remove pail. No peaking! In the

spring, you can remove some of the excess soil you applied in the fall.

Tea roses tend to be large flowered and only one flower per stem. They

will repeat flower continuously.

Floribundas tend to be clusters (many flowers per stem and tend to repeat

flower continuously from summer to late autumn.

Floribundas aren’t normally as scented as Hybrid Teas but are hardier and

more robust with higher disease resistance. You can help disease

resistance by sanitation. (Removing dead leaves)


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