Visit DNA Gardens for fun-filled events and amazing attractions in Alberta. We have walking tours, breakfasts, and open-farm days to make your visit more memorable and exciting.Come check out our farm store and shop our wide variety of plants.
Here you will find our award winning fruit wines and spirits!
We also carry homemade pies, gelato, syrups, jams and so much more!

Homemade Pies & Cheesecakes

Saskatoon & Cherry Pies
Our pie crust is made with our own hands here on the farm. We add only the basic ingredients, and even we cannot believe how flaky it turns out.

Cheesecakes in a Jar!
Our three cheesecakes feature our famous fruit toppings and seasonal specials, graham crumb bottom with a decadent cheesecake filling. Oh boy. Oh boy.

Jams, Syrups, and More

Fruit jams from DNA Gardens! We use much less sugar resulting in a real fruit flavor explosion! Our recipe for Jam: 4 cups cherry fruit, 1 cup sugar. Compare this to standard Certo Sour Cherry Jam recipe that you will find online: 4 cups cherry fruit, 4.5 cups sugar. Huge difference! Cherry jalapenos jam is awesome with cream cheese. Cherry, saskatoon, chokecherry, strawberry jam, black currant jelly. Look for chokecherry syrup, blackcurrant syrup, cherry syrup, and more!

Nursery Plants

Our specialty is Edible landscaping but we do carry some stunning hardy roses. Our plants come in many sizes and are listed on our E -Store. We recommend buying them online, we will take them out of our inventory and hold them for you. When you are ready you can come by and pick them up! It works very well. Enjoy growing your own fruit!

Sparkling Juice

Sparkling Juices: Cherry, Black Currant, Honey and Sumac are blended together. What an exquisite flavour! Our customers are reporting back to us the amazing health benefits from this juice. We have made several batches. This juice is just too good to not bring back to market.