Women in Horticulture Week

Women in Horticulture Week

-Make DNA Gardens a Stop on Your Canadian Badlands Road Trip This week is the fifth annual Women in Horticulture Week.

On your next road trip through the Canadian Badlands, don’t forget to make DNA Gardens a destination on your route. This award-winning Alberta prairie fruit farm is just 6 minutes east of Elnora and 20 minutes west of Big Valley on the newly paved hwy 590. It is a perfect stop to combine with a visit to Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park. Drop by and explore all the farm has to offer including wine & spirits as well as nutritious food prepared by their in-house professional chef. Don’t just drive through the prairies. Get out of the car and be part of Central Alberta’s culinary abundance!

Arden Delidais is a well-known name in the industry. As a woman in horticulture, Arden has been growing Saskatoon berries on the farm since 1976. “We’ve been in the Saskatoon berry business a long time! I still love the fruit and put lots in my personal freezer. Over the years, we have expanded to 25 acres of mixed orchard. For a time we ran a plant tissue culture lab as well. We make a positive impact on many people in our approach to growing, including women in horticulture of all ages who come here to learn about the amazing fruit varieties and techniques that have evolved over the years. I love the industry. For me, horticulture is a way of life.”

During your visit, shop the farm store and bring some of Alberta prairie fruit home with you: trees & plants, pies, cheesecake, juice, wine, spirits and more! Or plan your trip in advance and sign up for one of the farm's many events held throughout the year including long table dinners and classes where you’ll learn more about Alberta prairie fruit growing. With DNA Gardens added as a stop on your next road trip, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to relax, stretch your legs, and leave feeling refreshed! To learn more about DNA Gardens and Delidais Estate Winery, visit www.dnagardens.ca.

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