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Clove Currant - Crandall

Clove Currant - Crandall

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Easy-to-grow ornamental and fruiting shrub. The early spring clusters of yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers, sometimes called “Clove Currant” because of its deliciously fragrant flowers followed in August by abundant, very large, jet black berries, which are sweet and flavorful with a hint of spice. Currants are one of the most nutritious berries “currantly” overlooked. Crandal’s unique flavor is excellent for fresh eating, juicing, or baking. Their nutritional profile in relation to other popular berries and fruits is very impressive. Currants are particularly high in antioxidants and contain more vitamin C than oranges, and nine times the calcium, five times the iron, and four times the magnesium and potassium of blueberries. 

These plants like at least a ½ day to full sun., well drained soil. They do not require a pollinator because they are self fertile. We tasted these growing at Dr. Evan’s orchard west of Edmonton. They are sweet with a hint of spice. These are good candidates for organic production because not many insects and diseases bother them. Good yields once established. An heirloom variety first introduced in 1888 and still prized for its large, tart-sweet black berries. This is a great ornamental shrub for a mixed border or hedge.  Thornless branches make summer berry harvesting painless. 

Zone 3 

H5' W3'

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