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Tart Cherry - Evans

Tart Cherry - Evans

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Large shrub or small tree producing an abundance of semi-sweet, bright red cherries ideal for fresh eating, preserves and wine. Self pollinating. Harvest in July-August. This is a most amazing cherry plant for the prairies! Dr. Evans discovered this incredible cherry and knocked himself out, sharing it with the world! DNA Gardens helped the process, and the cherry has been selling non-stop since 1995. We were the hub for nursery sales, and when folks witness a tree laden with fruit, it becomes a must-have. First overlooked for years, these cherries have been growing since 1923 in the Edmonton area.  Extremely hardy and withstand -45 degrees Celsius regularly. The fruit is a bright red cherry with translucent flesh. Ripe in late July when it pulls easily from the stem, fruit can be left on the tree well into September. In fact, the flavor mellows and sweetens with time. The flavor is bold - a mixture of sweet tartness. Healthy Too! Per 1/2 cup: 25% of daily Vitamin A requirement. (Six times more than sweet cherries) and only 39 calories. Excellent for eating fresh, good for canning and pies are great. Because it is self-pollinating, you only require one plant to set fruit. Yields of 50 pounds per tree are easily attained!! It produces in 4th year. This plant is hardy to zone 2A, not 2B - zone 3 preferred. Plant in rows 18 feet apart with 8 feet between plants in the row. The strong cherry flavor stands up well to processing, and these cherries are often used for pie filling, jams, and jellies.

Zone 2a

H13' & W10'

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