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Contraband (Chokecherry Table Wine)

Contraband (Chokecherry Table Wine)

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Wonderfully complex deep red wine. Chokecherries blended with Evans cherries make up this rich, smooth tasting wine. Hints of oak, cocoa and coffee add even more depth to this full bodied wine. Wild Chokecherries grow in the valleys and produce this rich, delightful table wine. This wine pairs well with grilled chicken, past, and soft cheese.

Eugene Delidais (1881-1969)

Eugene arrived in Canada in 1913 to homestead, though he was a skilled moonshine producer during the prohibition. Once, at a train station dock in Elnora, Eugene used an auger and siphon to retrieve his product right under the nose of a constable!

Come Join us for great fun at our Bootlegger Brisket Dinner  and learn a bit more about our own bootlegger, contraband family history!

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