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Plum - Fofonoff

Plum - Fofonoff

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Prunus Salincia (Salicina Cultivar, Early-mid season)

 4cm in diameter this plum has lime green thin skin with a red overlay. Firm flesh, juicy and very sweet. A staple in cold prairie climates, it produces a plum with a beautiful fragrance that lingers. Great for cooking, preserving or eating fresh you can expect to start harvesting fruit around mid August. Grow in full Sun! As all plums this one will need a pollinator near by, for best pollination pair with Ivanoffka or Brookgold. Sometimes called Homesteader, the original Fofonoff plum tree was selected by Wasal Fofonoff in Buchanan, Saskatchewan in 1973 from a chance seedling that produced wonderful results. 

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